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Signs That You Have A Olive Tree Problem

When you have your olive trees sprayed, they’ll experience a 95% reduction in olives and fewer allergens. You’ll also be eliminating the risk of rot from attracting critters or pigeons while slowing down their growth rate!

Patrick’s Pests Plants and Landscaping provide industry-proven, powerfully efficient tree spraying in Surprise, AZ. Shooting olive trees from February to March and maintaining CF125 will stop the flowers that create allergies and remove fruit (Olives). Aside from the non-fruiting type, Olive trees are banned from planting in Arizona due to the excessive amounts of pollen discharged. 


Our expert applicators will undoubtedly combine the correct cost and administer the proper coverage that will cause outstanding results. Low a rate or inadequate coverage also causes a lot of fruit to be produced. Too high a speed or even extreme range will result in stunted development of intense damage to the plant.



The Concern Along With Olive Trees

The unfavorable point is actually that some Olive trees can make a heck of a mess. Can generate hundreds or even 1000s of Olives each year. The ripened Olives fall to the ground and rot, otherwise cleaned up quickly. The decomposing Olives produce a meal resource for many critters featuring rats, birds, and bugs. They kill plants, tarnish pathways and other surfaces, and get tracked into your carpetings, floor covering, and motor vehicles. When some birds, particularly pigeons, feed on the mature Olives, their feces can tarnish the roofing, step on your residence, or even nearly ruin your solar powers.

If sufficient ripe Olives build up in one place, they may generate a glossy, harmful, and risky surface to walk on. And olive trees are one of the most significant producers of allergens located in our landscape design. For additional info on exactly how they might cause troubles and allergies, browse through this article regarding Arizona Olive Trees.

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The benefits of Olive Tree Spraying (Sterilization):

  • Plant pollen Control– The excess pollen matures into the untidy, black fruit that goes down and stains whatever it hints at.
  • Subdue the Olives– Our company believes olives are terrific for salads and martinis, but certainly not your pathways! Our olive plant spraying services can significantly reduce or maybe entirely cease your olive tree coming from flourishing to begin.
  • Get rid of olive plant branches– Maintain your trees were appearing attractive for a lot longer. 

Olive plant spraying in Surprise, AZ, is seasonal and takes place in early January via the middle of April. It is a hectic time, and thus if you want olive plant spraying services, our company suggests booking a complimentary price quote today! Our group of qualified and tested specialists has been offering the valley for 16 years, and our team’s ready to assist you.


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