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Patrick’s Home Solutions serves Sun City WestSun CityWaddellPeoriaLitchfield ParkAvondaleGoodyearEl MirageSurpriseand Glendale. We protect homes and businesses, offering residential and commercial services to customers seeking effective weed and pest control. We also offer landscape services, among other things. Best of all, we offer guaranteed solutions. We work hard, so you don’t have to. We take the worry & work off your hands.

Are you in need of pest control, weed control, or landscaping?
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Our Services

Serving Sun City WestSun CityWaddellPeoriaLitchfield Park, AvondaleGoodyearEl MirageSurprise, and Glendale, Patrick’s Home Solutions are equipped with effective tools and proactive pest control practices to protect your home and family. We also offer weed control as well as landscaping services. Check out a few of our services below.

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State Farm Stadium, commonly referred to as “The Fortress,” is located in Glendale, Arizona. It is the home of the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League (NFL) and formerly served as the home of the Arizona State Sun Devils football team.

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General Pest Control

Patrick's Home Solutions is a leading provider of pest control services in [location] AZ. We're equipped to take on pests and insects because we have the knowledge and the best training available for our staff.

We offer both general and specialized pest control services for many kinds of pests.

Our pest control services to [location] residents are safe and effective. You can be confident that our exterminators have the knowledge and experience to deal with a wide range of pests. Our pest problems services include more than just exterminating the pesky critters. We also offer the best pest control found in [location] AZ.

If you’ve been dealing with pests in your home or office, we can help. For pest control in [location] AZ we offer monthly and quarterly services.

Pest control is not a one-time solution, it’s something that must be done on a regular basis to keep those pests away. When you work with us you can be sure that your home and business will be pest-free throughout the year. We are different from other exterminators around [location] AZ because of our experience, knowledge, and customer service. We know how important it is to provide quality services that meet our clients' needs.

We strive to make sure that each client is satisfied with our services and that’s why we offer guarantees on our pest control treatments.

Our company provides quality services to get rid of pests so you can stay safe and comfortable. We’re the best choice if you are looking for specialized or general pest control services. We can handle all types of pests and critters.

Some services may require us to inspect your property before we can give you an accurate estimate.

Give us a call today to keep your home or business pest-free all year!

Scorpion Control

Arizona is home to approximately 56 scorpion species. They sting, but they don’t bite. Only one scorpion species in the United States is potentially deadly; it’s the Arizona Bark scorpion.
Two of the most common scorpions in Arizona’s deserts are the Desert Hairy Scorpion and Bark Scorpion.

The Bark Scorpion is more common in homes. You will most likely find them in bathrooms, kitchens, or laundry rooms because these areas are subject to higher moisture levels than the rest of your home.

We commonly find them in these areas because moisture attracts food. We can also find them in clothing that is stored in closets. Two distinctive characteristics distinguish the bark scorpion from other scorpions. It is the only scorpion that can climb in Maricopa County.

It can climb almost any surface, except for glass and plastic and it can stick to the undersides of a piece of wood and walk across ceilings, climbing furniture, and into clothes and cupboards.

They prefer to be active at night, so they seek places that are dark, warm, and damp. It curls its tail and places it flat on its body. This allows the scorpions to flatten and squeeze into small cracks.
The Desert Hairy Scorpion species is Arizona’s largest scorpion. We consider them to be the most docile scorpion species found in the United States.

Their enormous size allows them to use brute force instead of the poison in their stinger, which is used by their Bark Scorpion counterpart. They are tan to dark brown, with 8 legs, 2 thick pedipalps (pinchers) at the front, thick tail, and stinger.

These scorpions can grow to 6 inches without the tail and are also covered in hairs, which makes it easy for them to be identified. Like the Bark scorpion, their stomach also has a sensory organ that senses heat or vibration. This organ allows them easy access to food.

We can usually find the Desert Hairy Scorpion near the town center and in the open deserts. We can find this scorpion in homes, but it is rare.

Pigeon Control

Patrick's Home Solutions is your best choice for [location] pigeon eradication services. While pigeons look harmless, they are a potential health hazard.

They also destroy property and create an unhealthy nesting environment. The areas where they nest are the most vulnerable and most likely to cause property damage.

Pigeons usually find holes in walls and eaves and create a small nest. Pigeon feces is a problem because it can accumulate on everything they touch, such as patios, furniture, fixtures, fences, and outdoor furniture.

Pigeon feces are not only unpleasant, but it can also damage any surface that it collects on. Patrick’s Home Solutions can help with [location] pigeon problems.
The United States introduced the European Rock Dove-bred pigeons to its domestic population in the early 1600s and then the bird fledglings formed wild populations. Pigeons have grayish-black bodies and have two distinctive black bands on the wings and one on their tail.

The head is usually a dark gray color with greenish to purple metallic coloring. A pigeon could weigh as much as 13 oz and the average length is 11 inches. Today, the pigeon represents the worst bird problem to the human community. Patrick’s Home Solutions is experienced in eliminating this problem and can get them out of your area.
Pigeons will stick together and you can find groups that will take over an entire roof of your home or office, including lofts and downspouts. Pigeons are often referred to as flying rodents. They’re known for spreading a range of disease-causing organisms.

Their feces is acidic and can damage your property and vehicles. The build-up of pigeon feces is smelly, slippery, and carries diseases. These birds don’t construct nests the same way as other birds. Instead, they gather grasses, sticks, and twigs together and form a nest-like platform.

Pigeons can spread their trash and feathers throughout the area. Their feces can cover lawns, roofs, cars, and lawn furniture and cause a serious health hazard to anyone near it and ruin the items it’s on because of the acidic nature.
In order to control the pigeon problem, the first thing to eliminate is their source of food if you’re able. The second is to eliminate their habitat. Elimination of perching and roosting areas is the most detailed and can be accomplished by trimming trees, using bird spikes, bird netting or wires, to name a few.

At Patrick’s Home Solutions, we have more than one option available to help eradicate the pigeon problem at your home or office. Many of our services come with warranties to ensure the problem is taken care of.

Rodent Control

Finding out your home or business has rodents such as roof rats, pack rats, or mice can be a very stressful and scary experience. Rodents bring unsanitary conditions and disease into your home and around your family.

Although some rodent control issues can be taken care of by the homeowner, it can become tiresome and costly. Battling rodents yourself is an endless battle because you are out of your element and outnumbered.

Rodents get to know your home and yard as well, if not better, than you do. Their chewing targets are endless–from electrical wires and tree roots to anything else inside, on, or outside of your home.
Rodents enjoy the comforts of your home for many of the same reasons that your family does: convenience, shelter, and food. Some species can crawl through a ¼ to ½ inch gap and there is typically no shortage of access in most homes.

Easier entry for rodents increases the safety risk to your family and home because they carry viruses and diseases and are extremely destructive. Patrick’s Pest & Plants specializes in rodent control and rodent removal for your [location] home or business. No rodent is too much for us. Here are some common rodent issues that our [location] residents have: roof rats, pack rats, and mice.
If you see these rodents, you want to get rid of them as soon as possible, not only to ensure they don’t destroy your property but also because many rodents carry the deadly Hantavirus that can be transmitted to humans. Hantavirus is in the rodent’s rodent urine, droppings, saliva, and nesting materials. Inhalation is the number one cause of hantavirus, so you don’t want to be anywhere near where the rodents have been.
Homeowners generally try to use traps with cheese or other bait and store-bought devices to trap the rodents, but that will never seriously affect their population growth, interior and exterior home damage, landscaping damage and destruction, and threat of deadly viruses. Patrick’s Home Solutions technicians are highly trained professionals that are trained on how to remove them and keep them gone.

Irrigation System Installation

Patrick's Home Solutions provides a variety of services to make sure your yard gives you maximum satisfaction. We can help you with everything from landscape design to security/decorative lighting. We are experts in irrigation system repair and installation.
It can be difficult to find time to maintain your irrigation system when you have a hectic life. We can take care of your irrigation system so you can concentrate on what is important.

To ensure complete client satisfaction, our company pays attention to every detail of every project. When we leave, your landscape lighting and sprinkler system will be at their best.
Patrick's Home Solutions installs, maintains, and repairs two types of irrigation systems: drip systems and sprinkler systems. Sprinkler systems can send large quantities of water across your yard to water it. Drip systems are ideal for watering flowerbeds, shrubs, and trees, as they reach the roots of the plants.

We can install or repair your irrigation system and also provide landscape lighting to enhance your lush, beautiful landscaping. We take great pride in our work and make sure you are satisfied. We can handle any landscape lighting or sprinkler system needs.

Patrick's Home Solutions' experts will help you choose the right sprinkler system for your property. We will help you understand the system and map out the zones. Our team is always honest with you and happy to answer questions. We will help you find the right sprinkler system for you.
Your lawn's health and beauty depend on irrigation. Patrick's Home Solutions offers comprehensive sprinkler systems that will ensure your lawn gets the water it needs. An irrigation system that is properly installed will save you time and reduce the amount of work required to maintain your yard. Patrick's Home Solutions is able to install your irrigation system if you live in or near [location]. We understand that you're busy and have many responsibilities throughout the day. There are often more important things than maintaining sprinklers. An irrigation system can be a cost-effective solution to maintaining your yard.

An irrigation system is made up of many parts that can be used to water your yard at specific times and for specific amounts. Patrick's Home Solutions has the experience and training to handle all your irrigation needs.

Paver Installation

Patrick's Home Solutions are experts in paver installation. Our paver installation services include creating paver driveways, brick patios, and stone walkways using both brick and concrete pavers.

They are a cost-effective and simple-to-maintain option for pavement, which will save you money in the future. Pavers in [location] are the logical choice for strength, beauty, affordability, and durability.
Concrete brick pavers are not only durable but also strong, making them ideal for driveways, patios, and walkways. We care about our customers. Therefore, we will do everything to make sure your project is affordable without sacrificing quality. We are 100% dedicated to earning your trust and delivering the highest quality service to you. We serve the entire Valley, including [location], [cities], and many other locations.
Patrick's Home Solutions, a local paver installation company in Arizona, is a pavers specialist. Patrick's Home Solutions provides a free consultation that will give customers an idea about what we will do, an accurate estimate for the paving project, and a chance to see past jobs.

Pavers are a durable and long-lasting material that looks great outside any home, whether the home's style is rustic or contemporary. Because of their interlocking design, pavers are more durable than any other type of paving material.

They also resist staining and cracks. We use pavers for walkways, driveways, and patios. Pavers can create beautiful patios, driveways, and walkways that add beauty and charm to any design. Patrick's Home Solutions will ensure that your paver project is a success.

We bring new ideas to the table and offer a wide range of choices and options to meet your needs.

Patrick's Home Solutions will collaborate with you throughout the entire process to ensure that the project is affordable and at competitive prices. Patrick's Home Solutions can be trusted to complete your pavers project in [location] as we are experienced, professional, have an extensive selection of options, and have great customer relationships.

Artificial Turf Installation

Patrick's Home Solutions is a company that has many years of experience in the construction and design of artificial turf grass. We have the experience and expertise to install artificial turf grass that is second to none. We can help you choose the best synthetic turf for your [location] backyard.
Patrick's Home Solutions is committed to improving the quality of artificial turf grass installation services in [cities] and throughout [location]. No matter if you're looking for a high-quality artificial turf lawn, a backyard synthetic turf pet run or a golf practice putting green, our products are miles ahead of the ugly, unnatural fake grass. Many people cannot distinguish between synthetic grass and real grass fibers. It may surprise you to know that 70% of the average U.S. homeowner's water bill comes from watering their lawns. This figure is naturally increasing with our scorching summer temperatures. Consider how hard it is to keep your grass looking its best. This includes mowing, seeding, watering and so forth. No matter what your perspective, maintaining a beautiful, healthy lawn can be costly. You will need to purchase expensive fertilizers, weed killers, and other chemicals. Patrick's Home Solutions makes a durable artificial grass so you can enjoy your weekends and not have to worry about your neighbors mowing, watering, or pulling out weeds. Many Grand Canyon State residents find it difficult to maintain their lawns. The extreme heat can cause damage to grass areas and make them look patchy, yellow, and thin. You can save money by replacing old, weak and unattractive grass with durable residential synthetic turf products. Artificial turf installation can help you reduce costs and make your lawn look great enough to be the envy of everyone. Patrick's Home Solutions has the perfect artificial lawn for you if you live in or near [location].

Plant Installation

Patrick's Home Solutions takes pride in being a leading landscape contractor in [location], AZ. We offer landscape design, maintenance and installation services for commercial and residential properties in Arizona. We can also customize these services to suit your individual needs. Our team of experts can help you design an outdoor living space that is unique to your tastes and budget.
We can help you with routine maintenance or a complex water feature. We offer installation services for all new landscapes. This allows you to have everything done in one phone call. Are you anxious about your next landscaping project? We can make your next landscaping project simple and effective from start to finish. Our team of experts has a wealth of experience in designing natural landscapes in which water, light and sound can work in harmony to create beautiful outdoor spaces. Trust our years of experience. We provide landscape design services for [location], Arizona, that will meet your needs. We offer competitive rates so our highly trained team can help you pick the right plants and create plans that fit any budget.

Weed Control

The first step in weed control is identification. Patrick's Home Solutions can help you make the process simpler by taking care of your property. They will also determine the best way to control the weeds. It is never easy to landscape an Arizona home. This is because of the many weeds that thrive here. Patrick's Home Solutions is able to make homeowner's life easier by providing pre-emergent and follow-up herbicides that will keep your yard weed-free. We offer warranties on many of our treatments to make sure that you are not responsible for any future problems. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our residential weed control services. We also offer commercial pest control. This is useful for anyone who owns an office building, church or strip mall. Patrick's Home Solutions provides a range of services that will benefit commercial building owners. Call us for the best commercial weed management in the Valley.

Tracy EitnerTracy Eitner
20:25 06 Jan 22
Patrick came out to help us get rid of pigeons that were nesting beneath our solar panels. The pigeons were really out of control. Patrick gave us a good estimate, put in the screening, and cleaned everything up. The pigeons were completely gone the next day. I did not expect them to leave so quickly. He is also very informative about pests. We will use them for any of our pest needs from here on out.
Mary Dana KelleyMary Dana Kelley
23:13 13 Dec 21
Very pleased with Patrick’s. The team is very courteous and professional. Work is completed on time. Workers show up when scheduled. Would recommend highly to clients wanting a stress free, competitive experience with their yard!
Mary Louise GreeneMary Louise Greene
19:24 19 Nov 21
I first met Patrick when I hired him to put netting underneath my solar panels due to the pigeons. I have also used him to rid my house of cockroaches and ants, and hang lights in my trees. He is a one stop shop and is very reasonably priced. He is very dependable and stands behind his work. His wife Laura works with him to schedule his appointments and tend to the office. They both are very professional and very kind. They always return my calls immediately and has never failed to do the work requested. It is so nice to have someone I can trust and depend on.
Billi PalmerBilli Palmer
18:06 18 Nov 21
Very fair priced, prompt, very helpful to what is best method to do to get best results.
Amanda SteinAmanda Stein
15:03 17 Nov 21
With our new home build in Surprise we kept finding a TON of scorpions. With small children and pets this was a huge problem for us. Googled pest control in my area and loved them from the first interaction. All of the staff are wonderful. We have a rural property and they maintain it monthly for us, no more live scorpions, we highly recommend!
Ashlee BullardAshlee Bullard
23:32 16 Nov 21
Patrick and Laura have provided the best customer service from day one. We moved here a couple of years ago from the Midwest so there were some things we were pretty clueless on. Patrick put our minds at ease and helped with everything we needed and pointed us in the direction for the things that were not in his scope. Laura is always great at responding to any question or concern and if she doesn’t have the answer she gets it pretty quickly. Patrick informed us of the poisonous plants in our backyard that we were unaware of, he fixed and replaced our irrigation line when it broke, he installed pavers, turf, misters, a sun shade and a daddy long legs on our water fall to keep the birds away. We had a major scorpion problem when we moved here and he worked diligently to help reduce amount. I was not sleeping at night worrying about scorpions in the kids bedrooms but after he sealed our house we haven’t had one in the house since. When he came to for routine pest control he noticed some termite colonies which we probably would not have noticed on our own. Every employee that has come out to do service has gone above and beyond so we always know we are getting the best care. We are so grateful to have found them and sleep a little better knowing they have our backs!
Audrey MarieAudrey Marie
22:33 16 Nov 21
Family owned and operated, love supporting local too! Patrick and Laura are super responsive, very efficient and affordable. Would highly recommend this fine, professional business!

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