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Get rid of Scorpions

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Signs That You Have A Scorpion Problem

In Arizona, scorpions are common nocturnal arachnids that seek shelter in homes, especially during warmer months. While most species are not lethal, their stings can cause intense pain, swelling, and allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. Infestations can pose risks, especially to children and pets. Eradicating scorpions is essential to mitigate potential stings, ensuring home safety, and peace of mind. Controlling their presence involves sealing entry points, reducing moisture, and using professional pest control methods to safeguard against these venomous creatures in Arizona homes.

Patrick’s Home Solutions is the solution for getting rid of scorpions.


Arizona Scorpion

Scorpions can survive in extreme environmental conditions which is a demonstration of their resilient nature. They have been known to thrive under scorching hot or wintery conditions comfortably, with some species even present across most regions of the country! The Arizona hairy scorpion has thrived due its resistance towards arid summers.

We are familiar with the threat of scorpions and their aggressive behavior. When you find them in your home, you want immediate relief. Let Patrick’s Home Solutions help you keep your family and pets safe by getting rid of scorpions in your home.



Patrick’s Home Solutions employs a comprehensive approach to eliminate scorpions from your home. Our skilled technicians conduct thorough inspections to identify entry points and nesting areas. Using targeted treatments and barriers, we eradicate existing scorpion populations while preventing future infestations. Our methods focus on both interior and exterior solutions, applying safe yet effective pesticides and sealing entry points to fortify your home against these arachnids. With a commitment to customer satisfaction and a tailored approach, Patrick’s Home Solutions ensures a scorpion-free environment, providing peace of mind for you and your family.

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Logo for Patrick's Home Solutions: A shield with Patrick's name across the middle and has rocks above and pavers below the name.

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