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Landscaping Services

Here are some of the plant services that we offer. If you don’t see the specific service you are looking for then please call us and we can discuss a solution to your plant problem.

Installing irrigation in a desert climate offers indispensable benefits by efficiently delivering water to parched landscapes. It ensures consistent hydration, fostering healthy plant growth while conserving water through targeted, controlled distribution. Irrigation systems mitigate desert heat stress, preventing wilting and promoting vibrant, lush vegetation. They optimize water usage, reducing runoff and evaporation, thereby preserving resources. This technology brings convenience, sustaining greenery in arid environments, enhancing property aesthetics, and maintaining ecosystem balance with minimal water wastage.

A properly running irrigation system assures that all of your trees, shrubs, flowers and grass are getting the right amount of water for the season. If one thing goes wrong, like a leak no matter if it’s small or large, then everything is either over or under watered. All vegetation is quickly and adversely affected when this happens. Be sure to call me at the first sign of a problem so I can fix the problem. This might include fixing or replacing a broken control box, valves or the watering lines. Whatever the problem is, I will fix it so you can rest assured that all of your flora will be restored to optimal health.

Artificial grass offers a low-maintenance, lush green landscape year-round without the need for watering, mowing, or fertilizing. Its durability withstands heavy foot traffic and varying weather conditions, maintaining an evergreen appearance. This eco-friendly alternative conserves water, reduces upkeep costs, and provides a clean, mud-free surface for leisure and play, making it an ideal, hassle-free solution for a vibrant, visually appealing yard.

Rock and gravel embellish yards with versatile, low-maintenance decorative options. These materials amplify landscaping aesthetics by adding texture, color, and contrast. Gravel serves as a practical ground cover, suppressing weeds and retaining moisture while imparting a clean, structured appearance to pathways or driveways. Rocks, available in assorted sizes and hues, create focal points, borders, or accents in garden beds, lending a natural and enduring allure to outdoor spaces. Both rock and gravel require minimal upkeep, withstand various weather conditions, and offer a customizable palette for crafting visually appealing landscapes, making them ideal choices for enhancing the charm and functionality of yards.

One terrific thing about residing in the Surprise AZ area is the ability to use your outdoor spaces all year long. Whether you would like to create a pathway to your swimming pool, a gorgeous outdoor patio for relaxing or entertaining, or a new driveway, Patrick’s Home Solutions is the expert to call. Pavers are an appealing, durable, and affordable means to add market value to your home.

Patrick’s Home Solutions is a full-service landscape design business in Surprise AZ.

The allure of having a putting green nestled within the expanse of one’s yard has surged in recent years, captivating both avid golf enthusiasts and homeowners seeking a slice of leisurely luxury. A putting green in the backyard represents a sanctuary for golf aficionados, providing an accessible space to refine their putting at their leisure. We can create an oasis that beckons both seasoned players and novices alike.  

Retaining walls serve as structural barriers, crucial for holding back soil on sloped terrains, preventing erosion, and creating level surfaces in landscapes. Beyond their foundational role, these walls double as functional fences, demarcating property boundaries with a sturdy, delineated line. Moreover, they offer aesthetic versatility, serving as decorative elements that enhance outdoor spaces. Retaining walls come in various materials and designs, adding character and visual appeal to gardens or yards. Whether as a boundary marker, a protective barrier, or an ornate feature, these walls serve multifaceted purposes, combining practicality with decorative flair in landscaping design.

Outdoor lighting illuminates landscapes, unveiling a mesmerizing tapestry of beauty while amplifying safety and functionality. These lights accentuate architectural features, trees, and pathways, casting a magical ambiance and extending the enjoyment of outdoor spaces into the night. Beyond aesthetics, they enhance security by deterring intruders and increasing visibility. Outdoor lighting also promotes safety, guiding pathways and preventing trips or falls. Additionally, it extends the usability of outdoor areas for entertainment or relaxation. With a blend of charm and practicality, outdoor lighting transforms yards into enchanting, inviting sanctuaries, offering both visual allure and functional advantages for homeowners.

A dry-out creek bed, also named a dry-out spring bed, is an abyss or trench, often lined with rocks and edged with a plant to mimic a natural riparian location. By decreasing runoff, you can quickly produce completely dry streambeds for drainage to avoid destruction. Garden enthusiasts typically enhance dry streams along with logs, divisions, clay-based pots, and mini bridges. A wonderfully made and embellished dry riverbed will promptly enrich the attraction of your house. Once more, you could think such as the method it appears!

A French drain serves as a vital solution for addressing water accumulation and drainage issues around your property.  Its installation is essential where excess water pools in specific areas, causing potential damage and erosion. This drainage system effectively mitigates problems caused by excessive rainfall, groundwater seepage, or poor yard grading, safeguarding the property’s foundation and preventing soil erosion. By incorporating a perforated pipe buried in a gravel-filled trench, a French drain efficiently redirects water away from the problem area. Installing a French drain is a prudent measure for ensuring effective water management and safeguarding the integrity of a property.

If you are having water drainage issues, you can depend on Patrick’s Home Solutions to help you. 


Screening home vents acts as a crucial barrier, thwarting the entry of potentially harmful creatures like scorpions and snakes into living spaces. By securing vents with screens, homeowners create a protective shield against these pests, ensuring a safer indoor environment. These barriers prevent unwanted encounters and potential threats, offering peace of mind and safeguarding against venomous intrusions. Properly screened vents serve as a proactive measure, fortifying homes against unwelcome critters, thereby preserving the sanctity of the living space and ensuring the safety and comfort of its inhabitants.

Sealing a home acts as a formidable defense against invasive pests, including bugs and scorpions, thwarting their entry and safeguarding indoor sanctuaries. This preventive measure creates a formidable barrier, closing off potential entry points and crevices where pests could infiltrate. By fortifying the home against these intruders, residents enjoy a pest-free environment, ensuring peace of mind and enhanced comfort. Sealing inhibits pests’ access, reducing the risk of bites, stings, or property damage. This proactive approach minimizes reliance on pesticides, promoting a healthier living space while preserving the integrity and tranquility of the home.

An outdoor fire pit becomes a focal point, igniting cherished moments and fostering a captivating ambiance. It’s a beacon for gatherings, enveloping friends and family in warmth and camaraderie. The crackling flames create an intimate atmosphere, inspiring storytelling and shared laughter under the starlit sky. It extends the usability of outdoor spaces, offering comfort during chilly nights and a cozy haven for relaxation. The mesmerizing dance of flames captivates, casting a comforting glow that soothes the soul. An outdoor fire pit isn’t just a source of warmth; it’s a catalyst for cherished memories, bonding, and the creation of enduring moments in the embrace of nature.

A flagpole in your yard stands as a symbol of identity, pride, and allegiance, allowing you to display national, state, or personal flags. It embodies patriotism, showcasing values and beliefs, while also honoring heritage or affiliations. 

Additionally, a flagpole adds aesthetic appeal, contributing a striking vertical element to the landscape. It serves as a visual landmark, instilling a sense of honor, unity, and tradition, making it a compelling addition to any yard.

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Patrick’s Home Solutions is right here for you every step of the way in the elimination process of the unwanted wildlife known for in Arizona. We’ll be there to eliminate the problem and offer solutions for prevention of them coming back. Our team possesses the experience you need to get rid of rodents, snakes, and birds fast. We use humane techniques to remove them and offer additional services to ensure they don’t return. 

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