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Is Your Agave Perishing? It Could be the Agave Weevil

Agaves stand out as accent plants in Surprise az backyards and a preferred in our hot, dry-out landscapes. A frequently-seen agave is the century vegetation (Agave americana). It is a large and spectacular agave with stinging vertebrates along its green leaves a dominate bloom stalk before the vegetation passes away. Well-balanced agaves may increase for 25 years or even even more.

When fully grown, agaves needs to planted in soil that empties effectively receives loads of sunshine; young vegetations need a little shade. Apart from the plants require little treatment and have a handful of pests or troubles.

However, there is one parasite that can destroy agaves. The agave nose weevil is a sizable dark beetle that may deal with and get rid of agave vegetations, and also it appears to favor the sizable century plant, especially as the plant preps to bloom.


Agave Weevils Causes

Most agave nose weevils occur for the ride in the ground of the agave plants you purchase. They likewise may originate from afflicted plants in your garden or your neighbor’s garden.

Agaves that are stressed out are much more susceptible to snout weevils, be sure to follow ground, water, and growing directions. For example, vegetation agaves the ground pipe matches the healthy and balanced vegetation’s compartment making an effort not to agitate the origins too much.

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