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Tick Control

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Get Ticks Gone

We will solve your ticks problems

Your Pet Have Tick Problem?

Successful flea and tick control involve eliminating fleas and ticks from your dog or cat and their environment. Some tick species can survive harsh winters and will even emerge to feed when temperatures are still as cold as 40 degrees. Dogs and cats share the same types of fleas and ticks so they will travel from one pet to another. 

Ticks can spread serious diseases including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, canine anaplasmosis, ehrlichiosis, babesiosis, and canine hepatozoonosis.

Our Tick control begins functioning quickly to target ticks. Regular monthly inspections, as well as procedures throughout tick time, always keep tick populaces down for complete satisfaction.



We Know Ticks and Fleas

Fleas and ticks are on the prowl! Please be sure to protect your pets. One flea can lay 30-50 eggs per day, leading to rapid infestation of the environment. It’s easier to prevent fleas than get rid of them, so, make sure that ALL of the pets in the environment are being treated with an effective flea product. Ticks are harder to prevent, since they reproduce outdoors and more slowly than fleas, but excellent products are available to kill adult ticks on your pet.

Ticks may discover hosts in lots of means, by noticing sigh, body system odor, and also a lot more.

Ticks can wait for days and even weeks for a potential host.

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Every home is unique and so is our plan to eliminate your pests and keep your home secure. 

Our experts take honor in servicing our friends and neighbors. Our team makes it a top priority to deliver only the finest quality solutions. 

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