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A pest is only that, a pest! When you find that you have a pest issue in the home, you wish for it to be taken care of promptly and effectively– therefore, you can go back to normal.

We’re simply a phone call away at Patrick’s Home Solutions. Our experts understand the concern of having pests in your house– that’s why our experts get out to you immediately after your call. Our experts have operated for many years. Our company takes pleasure in our credibility and fast reaction– that is why there are no hidden charges: just professional, successful pest control solutions to get your house back to normal.

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Signs That You Have A Millipede Problem

Millipedes are a typical species in a lot of aspects of the country. They are brought into moist locations around residences, often found in multitudes under compost, pine straw, and leaves behind. They might crawl inside in tension durations of boiling, arid weather conditions, looking for a wet and much more beneficial environment. Sometimes they can move inside in incredible deals and make a significant nuisance. They do not attack or hold health conditions, but they could be challenging to eliminate when populaces are higher.


Identify Millipedes

The presence of millipedes in a home can be noticeable through various indicators. Firstly, homeowners might spot these elongated, segmented creatures crawling across floors or walls, especially in damp or dark areas like basements, bathrooms, or crawl spaces. Another sign is the discovery of shed exoskeletons or molted skins in corners or hidden spots. Millipedes are attracted to moisture, so finding them near sources of water or in moist areas signifies their presence. Additionally, a musty odor might emanate from an infestation as millipedes release a defensive fluid that can emit an unpleasant smell. Lastly, homeowners might notice plant damage or feeding marks on decaying organic matter as millipedes feed on dead plant material. Identifying these signs prompts homeowners to take measures to mitigate moisture, seal entry points, and employ pest control methods to manage and prevent millipede invasions in their homes.

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Logo for Patrick's Home Solutions: A shield with Patrick's name across the middle and has rocks above and pavers below the name.

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