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Identifying pests early is important because the sooner you can remove them, the lower your chances that they’ll do permanent damage or spread.

Getting Rid of Insects Efficiently

A pest is only that, a pest! When you find that you possess a bug issue in the home, you wish it is taken care of promptly and effectively– therefore, you can go back to normal.

We’re simply a phone call away. At Patrick’s Home Solutions, we understand the concern of possessing bugs in your house– that’s why our experts get out to you immediately after your call. Our experts have operated for many years. Our company takes pleasure in our credibility and fast reaction– that is why there are no hidden charges: just professional, successful pest control solutions to get your house back to normal.

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Insect Information


Over 900 species of carpenter ants worldwide, 50 in the U.S. Are among the most troublesome ants found in and around homes. Colonies consist of up to 3000+ carpenter ants, 200-400 are winged in a mature colony. Most species are black or have very dark bodies and vary in size from 1/4-3/4 inches long. Carpenter ants hollow out wooded areas and use the wood to make their nests. Wood damage can be compared to termites but can be distinguish by its clean and sand-papered appearance. Feeds on insects (dead or alive), and anything that people eat.


Unlike many insects, crickets don’t bite, sting, or spread disease. They do, however, eat fabric, wallpaper glue, and other household materials. Their chirping can be either annoying or relaxing, depending on who you ask. This “music,” created by rubbing their legs together, can be either part of the mating ritual or a warning of perceived danger. That’s no consolation, however, if you’re trying to sleep. And when large groups of crickets chirp together, scorpions may come running in search of dinner. In our book, that’s enough to warrant a call for pest control.


According to Britannica.com, the list of the top 9 deadliest spiders in the world includes a few that you could encounter right here in Surprise AZ: the Brown Widow Spider (#4), the Black Widow Spider (#5), the Wolf Spider (#6), the Yellow Sac Spider (#7), and possibly the Brown Recluse Spider(#9).

Are they harmful? 

Although spiders aren’t all bad, we suspect you don’t want to share your living space with them. Besides being creepy, they sometimes leave webs and dark marks on your floors, walls, and furniture. In addition, their mere existence lets you know you probably have other pests in the house. Patrick’s pests and Plants services can help eliminate spiders along with the bugs that drew them into your home in the first place. 



There isn’t just one earwig; there are many! Although there are numerous species of these insects, the most commonly encountered type in Arizona is the Forficula auricularia earwig, or European earwig, which is an introduced species. All earwigs are omnivores and eat plants and other insects. Earwigs sometimes cause problems for certain garden plants, ornamental plants, and some types of small trees. In Arizona, they may enter houses to seek out moisture. However, earwigs usually hide in this dark, moist areas such as under-potted plants or mulch.


A smaller sized, but much more typical, variety of vermin in Arizona is actually our home vermin. Many individuals realize the house vermin as an useful creature that eats various other pests in the property, including silverfish, spiders as well as roaches. Having said, their unique appeal provides very most folks the creeps, and they are eliminated on sight. The physical body of your house vermin is actually 1 to 1.5 inches in length, yet its own 15 pairs of long legs and long antennae give the appearance of a much larger creature. Their physical bodies are normally yellow in shades, along with darker red stripes running down the duration. Like various other centipedes, they are poisonous however extremely rarely sting human beings. They can relocate incredibly rapidly, with their lengthy and delicate lower legs permitting them to go up to. 4 meters every 2nd around surfaces and also up wall surfaces.


Generally, millipedes are not dangerous to humans. Millipedes are known to be very passive and timid, and they would never attack humans. Apart from the fact that they cannot bite or sting, millipedes are naturally not aggressive. Millipedes move very slowly and coil or curl their bodies into a ball whenever provoked. However, millipedes do not just crawl on land without any self-defense system. 

When they feel threatened by humans or hunted by predators, these worm-like bugs secrete a harmful substance or toxin from the segments of their bodies. The toxic substances, with their foul odor, can ward off predators. The toxins produced by millipedes are often not poisonous or harmful to humans, but they can trigger allergic reactions in a few people.


Silver fish

Regardless of their quite creepy appeal silverfish are certainly not a risk to people, silverfish do certainly not bite or even sting and also aren’t known to send illness to people. They are nevertheless a risk to personal items. Silverfish prey on carbohydrates, specifically glucose as well as starches. Inside residences, they will eat, infect and ruin hair shampoos, book bindings, bed linens, pictures, silk, and garments.

Silver fish

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Silver fish

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Signs That You Have An
Insect Problem

Identifying pests early is important because the sooner you can remove them, the lower your chances that they’ll do permanent damage or spread. If there are signs of pest infestation in the area, such as dead insects, you should contact an experienced professional who will know what steps to take next so these problems don’t get worse over time!

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