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A pest is only that, a pest! When you find that you have a pest issue in the home, your wish is for it to be taken care of promptly and effectively– therefore, you can go back to normal.

We’re simply a phone call away at Patrick’s Home Solutions. Our experts understand the concern of possessing bugs in your house– that’s why our experts get out to you immediately after your call. Our experts have operated for many years. Our company takes pleasure in our credibility and fast reaction– that is why there are no hidden charges: just professional, successful pest control solutions to get your house back to normal.

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Signs That You Have A Earwig Problem

Earwigs, characterized by pincers at their rear, invade homes seeking shelter and food. While they primarily feed on decaying matter, plants, or insects outdoors, their presence indoors can be unsettling. They hide in dark, moist areas, posing a nuisance and potential health concern. Although they don’t transmit diseases, their presence can trigger allergic reactions in some individuals. Moreover, they can damage plants and fabric. Eradicating earwigs becomes essential to prevent infestations, safeguard property, and maintain a hygienic living space free from these intrusive and potentially bothersome pests.


Earwig Information

A home with earwigs can produce an uncomfortable smell. Some gardeners have found them beneficial, given that they eat other insects that can easily injure plants. However, if their prey is not abundant, they will undoubtedly become scavengers and search for meals anywhere they can. As they forage for food items and their populaces are left unchecked, our team exterminates them. 


Our professionals employ a backpack sprayer to penetrate deeper into earwigs’ nesting areas. Because of the earwig life cycle (the eggs hatch within seven times), our premium Suprise AZ pest solutions consist of treatment for the actual problem and other potential nesting sites. Through this, the chances of creating a new earwig nest are significantly reduced.

It is most likely that after our service phone call, you will continue to observe an increase in earwigs. Expected; the moment our experts have steered all of them away from their nest, these species will seek brand-new hiding places. Usually, our consumers find a reduction in activity within ten days to 2 weeks. 



You may aid in preventing re-infestation by taking a couple of simple actions. An ideal thing to do is to become mindful to certainly not overwater your landscape design and bring in meals and shelter not available. If you possess plants about, let all of them dry carefully after sprinkling. Maintain the property devoid of particles, and ensure you don’t keep any dripping taps or pipes. 

At Patrick’s Home Solutions we take pride in going beyond others’ assumptions through a commitment to superb service delivered in a caring method. This commitment is a primary reason our experts are deemed one of Arizona’s leading pest control firms. Our services are fully guaranteed and we serve the entire Surprise AZ and surrounding areas.

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Every home is unique and so is our plan to eliminate your pests and keep your home secure. 

Our experts take honor in servicing our friends and neighbors. Our team makes it a top priority to deliver only the finest quality solutions. 

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Logo for Patrick's Home Solutions: A shield with Patrick's name across the middle and has rocks above and pavers below the name.

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